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Trailer Assist

We offer support for you on and off land.

With our Trailer Assist add-on, you can rest easy knowing that you will be able to get to your dock even if you have problems with your trailer or car.

Trailer Towing: 100 miles of towing service for the boat trailer and towing vehicle when either the trailer OR the towing vehicle suffers a breakdown on the road while trailering the boat. (“Trailering the boat” is defined to include towing the boat’s trailer to and from the boat as well as moving the boat.)

Roadside Assistance: Labor for flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, lockout service, or jump start of towing vehicle or boat trailer when either the trailer or towing vehicle suffers a breakdown while trailering the boat.

24- Hour Dispatch: Dedicated toll-free 24 hour dispatch centers on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts are staffed by BoatUS employees to get you safely back on the road. (All services must be dispatched and pre-authorized by BoatUS)