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Salvage Services

Salvage is a word that can scare even a captain of a ship; however at Danmark Marine Towing we make rescue and recovery of your ship and cargo a breeze.

Marine Salvage is the process of rescuing a ship, its cargo and sometimes the crew from peril. Salvage encompasses rescue towing, refloating a grounded ship or patching or repairing a ship. Today the protection of the environment from cargoes such as oil is often considered a higher priority than saving the ship or cargo. There are two types of salvage; contract salvage and pure salvage.

Contract salvage occurs when a contract is made prior to commencement of salvage operations, the amount of compensation is fixed and the salvor is paid regardless of whether the salvage is successful or not.

Pure salvage is when a ship or boat has been rescued or salvaged without prior agreement between the owner and salvor or an agreement is made but not for a fixed amount.

We can work with your insurance agency to make sure your emergency is handled properly and in a timely manner.

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